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Chilli powder is the dried, pulverized fruit of one or more varieties of dried red chillies. It is used as a spice (or spice blend) to add pungency and flavor to culinary dishes. Chili powder is used in many different cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai and many more. Our Red Chili Powder has been processed from special varieties of red, hot & spicy red chilies sourced from the best fields in India. It is mild-hot and gives glowing natural red color to your dishes making them attractive and more palatable

Organic Red Chili Powder - 100g

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    • The primary bioactive plant compound in red chillies, known as capsaicin, is responsible for the taste.
    •  It is known to reduce inflammation and ACT’s as natural pain relief remedy.
    •  Red chillies are good for digestive health and aids in weight loss.
    •  Iron in red chilli powder can increase production of hemoglobin and increase blood flow.
    • Red chilli powder’s key component capsaicin can help reduce triglycerides, cholesterol, and platelet aggregation and also relieves nasal congestion

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