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Peanuts are rich in essential nutrients with several health benefits. They are also known as groundnuts, goobers, and earth nuts and are usually consumed roasted or in their raw form. Along with their healthful nutritional profile, peanuts are a calorie-rich food, so they are most healthful when enjoyed in moderation. They are most often consumed boiled, roasted or in the form of peanut butter. Other peanut products include peanut oil, flour, and protein, which are used in a variety of foods, such as desserts, cakes, confectionery, snacks, and sauces.

Organic Peanuts - 500g

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    • Peanuts are packed with healthy fats and high-quality protein. They are rich in several vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds that are used to treat many ailments. Peanuts may promote heart health, aid weight loss, prevent gallstones, and help in blood sugar control. Peanuts are low in carbs.
    • This makes them a good dietary choice for people with diabetes. They are an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals.
    • These include biotin, copper, niacin, folate, manganese, vitamin E, thiamine, phosphorus, and magnesium.
    • Peanuts are very filling and can be considered an effective component of a weight loss diet too.

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