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check out great depression page to get info. [Search and access this page with google .research and realize that depression .submitted me to your website. Also check out cbsnews. "Best Products of 2011." Posted June 16, 2011 by Kirk C. McEwen. Your brain is being trained to expect "feel good" feelings and then the brain will send signals of reward in the pleasure centers of the brain (anxiety of depression. If a depressed person does have an optimistic outlook, he or she will likely be more likely to recover. The negative thoughts keep the depressed person stuck. Try not to focus on the positive parts, think about your depression in black and white and just realize that you may feel this way sometimes and that you can get out of it. Do not take a negative attitude as your attitude is a factor in recovery. There are two types of depressed individuals: those who recover from depression as soon as they get out of bed in the morning and those who do not recover. Join the former group. Do not do this until you have completed all of your courses. People who become depressed are not necessarily looking for a "short cut" or "easy way" out of their depressive episodes. Studies have shown that people who think of their lives as being full of positive aspects, and who are optimistic about the future, show less of a decline in mood than those who are more concerned about the negative aspects of their lives. Depressed people may also tend to feel worse about themselves (self-criticism) and have lower levels of self-esteem. Positive psychology In order to survive long term, humans must be positive. That is, we must focus on the good things in life. People who have recovered from depression often say they were able to accomplish things they never thought possible in their lives because of this new outlook. In traditional psychotherapy, the patient's own depression and past experiences often get in the way of recovery. If a patient is depressed, their self-esteem can take a hit. If a patient has past experience with depression, the patient may be unwilling to try new things and instead stick with what they have been doing all along. The positive psychology theory has a couple of key ideas: Every human experiences positive and negative emotions at all times. People become depressed when they are pessimistic about the future and positive thinking is not possible. It has been shown that activities with a positive focus reduce depression. Doing something you enjoy can also help to




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