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Organic Yagna Millet Mix

Ingredients : Ragi, Bajra, Samai, Navane, Groundnut, Bengalgram and Cardamom.

What is Yagna Organic Millet Mix? Millet has gained popularity everywhere because it’s gluten-free and boasts high protein, fiber, and antioxidant contents. The combination of millets, grams and oil seeds are also rich in many nutrients. These ingredients function as antioxidants, immune modulators, detoxifying agents etc. and hence protect against age-related degenerative diseases like cardiovascular diseases (CVD), diabetes, cancer etc. Some of the known nutrient’s vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids also have benefits in terms of prevention of degenerative diseases besides their known functions of preventing nutritional deficiency diseases. Why is Yagna Organic Millet Mix recommended? In today’s generation, where people are obsessed with street foods that offer tasty and attractive food items that you can’t ever say no to, has made staying healthy a task. Once you realize what food that is heavily induced with trans-fat is doing to your body, you would want to cut right back on carbs and start eating healthy. Yagna organic millet mix is an excellent choice to include in your regular food diet, because all the ingredients are directly purchased from the farmers and processed organically with no added sugar or preservatives. It's a 0% chemical and 100% natural organic based beverage and it can be consumed by all the age groups. *Note: Avoid it if you are allergic to Groundnuts.

Vinuta Yereshimi


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